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Explore our complete line of professional series water treatment equipment and accessories.

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What We Do

Making cleaner, healthier water accessible across the U.S.

We partner with professional dealers to improve quality water access.

By supplying water quality professionals with the highest-quality application-specific water treatment solutions for any use, we’re hard at work making clean water accessible.

Who We Help

We Supply Water Treatment Solutions and Educate End Users

As experts in water quality issues across the US, we keep homeowners and business owners informed about water quality while supplying water treatment professionals with the highest-quality custom equipment from American manufacturers.


for Professionals

Access a comprehensive line of water conditioning equipment and related products supported by regional OEM and distribution facilities.


for Homeowners

Learn more about water quality and how water treatment solutions ensure you have access to cleaner, healthier water for your family, regardless of your location or water supplier.

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for Businesses

Find out how water quality affects service delivery and customer satisfaction. From car washes to hotels, cleaner water means better business.

“If you’re a plumbing or water quality expert, you need to hook up with these guys!”


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Water Treatment Equipment

Make Cleaner, Healthier Water a Priority

Find wholesale water treatment solutions and equipment for every need.

Our water treatment solutions ensure that whether your water is supplied by a public municipality or a private well, you’ll have cleaner water.

See our full line of water treatment products

Water Softener products

Water Softeners

Eliminate the effects of hard water using professional series water softeners that remove calcium and magnesium at point-of-entry.

Iron and H2S Filter products

Iron and H2S Filters

Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption — while increasing appliance longevity — by eliminating the effects of iron and hydrogen sulfide.

Whole House Filter products

Whole House Filters

Install water filtration systems that remove chemical contaminants like pesticides, petroleum, and heavy metals from residential-use water systems.

Scale Control product

Scale Control

Access a suite of water treatment solutions to address the negative long-term effects of calcium scaling and compound breakdowns that coat plumbing systems.

Point of Use products


Use point-of-use (POU) systems to eliminate contaminants from water just prior to the point the water is used or consumed.

Point of Use products

Our Kenai Collection

We offer a full range of proprietary products that have technological advantages. We have POE and POU solutions for every water challenge you could encounter

Don’t see what you need?

We’ll build to your specifications. Reach out to talk to a water quality expert.

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Explore our Resource Library for Literature and Manuals

With the right documentation, you’ll be a hero for your customers.

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Charger team

Family Owned and Operated Since 1980

A Nationwide Provider of Water Treatment Solutions

by water treatment experts for water treatment professionals.

With unparalleled engineering, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities — and decades of field experience — we’re the leading supplier of high-quality water treatment solutions and equipment to the professional market.

Partner with us and get access to the best equipment coupled with dedicated training and support. We’re here to help you bring cleaner water to the U.S.

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Find Your Nearest Distribution Center

With regional OEM and distribution centers across the US, you’ll have easy access to local experts ready to help build, test, and deliver water treatment equipment.

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Water Quality Resources

Educate Yourself on the Basics of Water Treatment

Our field experts give you the run-down on water quality and treatment.

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Deliver Water Quality Excellence Wherever You Work

Business is better when you have access to best-in-industry water quality product lines and dependable service and support.

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