Line Card

Whether you need an OEM assembled system or replacement parts to service an existing unit, Charger Water Treatment Products has the products you’re looking for.
We are an OEM and full-line distributor of the best product lines in the water treatment industry.

Control Valves

Clack Corporation, Autotrol, Fleck/Pentair, AQ-matic


Purolite, Thermax, Dow, Resintech, Calgon, KDF Industries, Inversand, NextSand FilterMedia, AdEdge Arsenic Removal, Cation Resin, Anion Resin, Brim, Filter Ag+, Greensand+, Pyrolox, Anthracite, Carbon, Gravel, Sand, MTM, Garnet

Brine Tanks

Clack Corporation, Pentair

Mineral Tanks

Structural, Enpress, WaveCyber, Clack Corporation

Distributor Systems

Structural, Clack Corporation, Matt-Son Witt


Pro-products, AquaMag, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Pellets & Liquid, Potassium Permanganate, Res-UP Resin Cleaner, Soda Ash, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonates, Coagulants

UV Systems & Parts

Trojan, Atlantic Ultraviolet, SteriLight/R-Can, ATS, Luminor, Viqua

Test Kits

Hach, Myron L, Water Equipment Technologies, Lamotte, Hannah Instruments, Pro Products, Resintech

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Vertex, Microline/Clack Corporation, PuroMax, RO Ultratec, Reo-Pure, Clean World Waters, Pentair, AmeriClean, Hydronix

Reverse Osmosis Parts

Vertex, Microline/Clack Corporation, Touch-Flo Faucets, FSHS, PuroMax, Clean World Waters, Reo-Pure, Code Line, The Foundry, Osmonics, RO Ultratec, Water Factory, Hydronix

Cartridges & Housings

Atlas Filtri, Pentek, Ametek, Clack Corporation, Osmonics, Durable Filter, NanoCeram, Harmsco, Rusco, Water Factory, Lacos, Keystone, Campbell Mfg, KX Industries, Hydronix

Iron & Sulphur Removal

IronBreaker, Iron-Ox, Air-Pump

Methane Removal

Better Water Industries

Chemical Feed Pumps

Chemtec/Pulsa Feeder, Stenner, EMEC, LMI, UNIDOSE, Blue-White, WelPro, Better Water Industries

Retention Tanks

Structural, Clack Corporation

Chemical Solution Tanks

Clack Corporation, Stenner, Pulsafeeder

Static In-Line Mixers

KoFlow, Johnson Controls

Flow Switches

No-Glitch, Grid Controls

Flow Controls

Clack Corporation, Pentair Water, Dole Flow Controls

DI Quality Lights

Myron L, Resilight/Clack Corporation

Water Meters

Master Meter, SeaMetrics, Stenner


Parker, Cash Acme SharkBite, John Guest, Pex Tube & Fittings, Zurn, Nibco, Spears, Specialty Sales, Jaco, Falcon Stainless Steel Fittings

Machined Products

Matt-Son Witt

Ultra Filtration

PB International


Clear Water, Ozotech, Ozone Pure Water