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At Charger, We’re Committed to Always Having the Latest in Water Treatment Technology: Fleck 5800 XTR2 Enhanced with AccuSense Technology



Enjoy high-quality water, even in areas where water hardness fluctuates. This adaptive and efficient system reduces unnecessary regenerations and helps reduce salt usage and water waste.

  • AccuSense™ Technology adapts to water hardness, providing more efficient regenerations, allowing for more complete use of the resin bed and reducing unnecessary regenerations.
  • Processes real-time water hardness data through the XTR2 sensor control.
  • Features noncorrosive 18-karat gold-plated sensor probes that continuously analyze the resin bed, initiating regeneration only when actual hardness is detected.
  • 30-50% reduction in salt usage and water waste, based on internal calculations.
  • Installation is quick and easy – just set the time of day and the system is ready to go.
  • Reliable design helps protect pipes and appliances from hard water damage.
  • For best results, always pretreat incoming water that contains iron or manganese.
  • Pentair sensor tanks and sensor probes are required for complete system assembly.

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