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Future-proof your dealership & dramatically decrease unnecessary service calls with Charger’s Total Connect Wireless Monitoring Device

Meet your new 24/7 on-call service tech – minus the scheduling, driving, gas, man hours, and headaches. Charger’s Total Connect is a wireless equipment monitoring device that gives you real-time access to your customers’ equipment performance. You can assess and even address changes without sending a tech, providing a simple way to improve your customer experience & your bottom line.

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Eliminate unnecessary service calls and improper diagnostics with one simple app.

One of the most common service requests dealers encounter is from a customer who is unsure if their system is working properly. With the Total Connect wireless monitoring system, two-way communication allows both the customer and the dealer to know exactly how the equipment works, to what efficiency, and, if there are issues, indications of what’s occurring.

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  • Save money on unnecessary service calls
  • Improve your customer service and experience
  • Use impartial data to diagnose system performance
  • Ensure systems are running at peak efficiency

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This is literally the best product in the market. It’s very easy to use and has really saved my company time and money and organized my workers in a very efficient way.

Stuart McLeod

Sales Guy, Charger Water

Charger’s Total Connect Wireless Monitoring Technology

Discover Charger’s Industry-Leading Wireless Monitoring App

Charger’s Total Connect wireless device ties into multiple types of point of entry and point of use water treatment systems so you can enjoy a single app that consolidates your monitoring. Many consumers have very little information about their municipal or well water supply, making this connected device a window into what’s happening as the water enters their homes.

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Proven, Field-Tested Technology

Charger’s Total Connect app and wireless technology have been rigorously field-tested to ensure seamless compatibility and communication. Based on user feedback from consumers and dealers, we’ve tailored this system to compete with and surpass the best in the marketplace.

Embedded CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Directly attach data and performance statistics from connected devices to an easy-to-use CRM. No longer will you need to manually pull data off a hub and add it to your database, this unique app automates this process saving you time and money.

Retrofittable to Nearly Any Water Treatment System

Many competitive wireless monitoring devices require a device and app for each system, causing you to have to purchase multiple devices and download a host of software. Our Total Connect system works through a daughterboard that can be applied to nearly any valve to connect all your water treatment equipment through one convenient system.

Solve Unnecessary Service Calls Once and For All

Experts have found nearly 80% of issues that occur with equipment can be traced back to programming errors. Now, with a few simple pieces of information, most of these problems can be identified, resolved, and even prevented.

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Leak Detection

Enjoy a simple leak detection system that alerts you if there’s a water leak to save you money on costly repairs.

TDS Monitoring

Measuring Total Dissolved Solids can help identify changes in water quality and communicate with consumers and dealers when it’s time for routine maintenance to keep their system running at peak efficiency.


Timers can trigger alerts in the app when it’s time for filter changes or routine maintenance.

Water Flow Meters

Measure flow rates pre and post-equipment. Measuring before the equipment can help diagnose system changes. Measuring after the equipment can help inform the consumer and the dealer when it’s time for filter changes or maintenance.

Salt Monitoring

Proactive salt monitoring keeps track of salt levels and notifies you when it’s running low.

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Our water softening products and solutions have been tested in the field over 100,000 times. Our products do the job of softening water and treating quality issues — and helping you satisfy your customers.

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