Water Treatment for the Cannabis Industry

At Charger Prime Commercial, we are experts in water treatment. For over 40 years, we have grown into one of the nation’s largest OEMs, having 15 locations across the country, helping to serve our customers more efficiently.

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pH Balance is Critical

In cannabis cultivation, we know that the correct pH balance of water is critical to growing the best crops. We also know that successful cultivation is the cornerstone of a plentiful and abundant cannabis harvest, which in turn leads to a successful cannabis business.

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Accurate Equipment Selection is Imperative

Charger Prime Commercial is here to help you achieve the highest yield possible by making sure that your water is the best that it can be for your delicate crops.

Pure water is important for growing cannabis for several reasons:

  1. Nutrient Management: Using pure water helps growers have better control over nutrient levels in the growing medium. If the water contains impurities or excess minerals, it can interfere with the nutrient balance in the soil or hydroponic system. Pure water allows growers to precisely manage the nutrient solution, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of essential elements for optimal growth.
  2. pH Stability: Pure water has a neutral pH, which means it is not acidic or alkaline. This neutrality provides a stable starting point for adjusting the pH of the nutrient solution. Maintaining the proper pH range is crucial for cannabis plants to effectively absorb nutrients. If the water itself has an undesirable pH, it can complicate pH management in the nutrient solution.
  3. Preventing Contaminants: Pure water minimizes the risk of introducing harmful contaminants to the growing environment. Contaminants such as pathogens, heavy metals, and chemical pollutants can negatively affect plant health and the quality of the final product. Using pure water reduces the likelihood of these contaminants being present in the irrigation system.
  4. Optimizing Microbial Activity: Beneficial microbes in the growing medium play a role in nutrient cycling and plant health. Pure water helps maintain a favorable environment for beneficial microbial activity by avoiding the introduction of substances that could inhibit or harm these microbes.
  5. Improved Absorption: Cannabis plants absorb water and nutrients through their roots. Pure water facilitates efficient nutrient uptake by preventing potential interactions between impurities and nutrient ions that could hinder absorption.

In the cannabis industry, where precise control over growing conditions is often essential, the use of pure water is a key practice to ensure consistency, maximize yields, and produce high-quality cannabis products. Growers may use water purification systems, such as reverse osmosis or deionization, to achieve the desired level of purity for their irrigation water.

From the water test that will determine what water treatment is necessary, to personalized attention during the selection of equipment, Charger Prime Commercial will be there every step of the way to ensure your growing success.

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Experts In Water Quality

Offering the best equipment in the water treatment industry along with the experience and expertise of our team, Charger Prime Commercial cannot be matched when choosing your partner in water treatment. With unparalleled engineering, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities – and decades of field experience – we’re the leading supplier of high-quality water treatment solutions and equipment to the professional market.

As experts in water quality issues across the US, we keep cannabis growers informed about water quality while supplying the highest-quality custom equipment from American manufacturers.

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Relying on American manufacturing, our experts help you determine the right water treatment solution and build custom water softening products to your exact specifications.

Regional Expertise

As a regional OEM with distribution centers across the U.S., our experts know the common water quality issues found in each location and work together to find solutions to any issue.

Proven Products

Our water softening products and solutions have been tested in the field over 100,000 times. Our products do the job of softening water and treating quality issues.

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You’ll have access to our expert team and services. We’ll test your water, make recommendations, build your solutions, and make sure you have everything you need to get your job done right.

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