written by Wayne Anderson

There are many types of strong-acid cation (SAC) resins used in residential softening applications.

With dozens of resin/softening media brands being produced world-wide, it is not uncommon to find 7 or 8 types of the product in the US market.

Generically speaking, the types are: 7% crosslink, 8% crosslink, 10% and Macroporous (16% crosslink) strong acid cation (SAC) resin‎ commercially available.

While all resins will work for a specified period of time, it’s worthwhile noting the statistics we at Charger Water developed over a ten (10) year period:

  • Using a standard water softener, and thru Charger dealers, we installed units using 8%, 10% and macroporous (M/P) resin on Florida water having 5 ppm influent chlorine.

We found the higher the crosslink, the longer the resin performed:

  • The 8% crosslink resin performed well for 8 months; the 10% crosslink resin performed for 3 years and the ‎M/P resin, 16% crosslink, performed well for 5 years.
  • Using these numbers, the homeowner would have had to replace the 8% resin 15X in 10 years, 3.3X if they used the 10% and only twice if the M/P resin was installed.
  • If the competition lowers prices, there is generally a trade-off in product or performance to compensate for the lower pricing. Our resin analysis shows the technical reason purchasing a more expensive product can add real value to the homeowner’s purchase.

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