Point-of-Entry Products


Pro Elite

• Monitors 24/7 and automatically adjusts to changing water conditions
• Regenerates only when necessary, conserving energy and saving you valuable time and money
• Retains system setting during power outages via memory backup
• Constructed of quality materials to withstand corrosion and wear
• Three sizes for different homes and families


Eco Pro

• Intelligent digital control to manage your water usage
• High flow valve to reduce restriction
• Large 45000 grain capacity for even large homes
• Simple elegant lines and design


EP Series

• Budget conscious simplicity
• Flexible 30,000 grain capacity
• Durable high flow control valve
• Efficient treatment based on demand



• Preserves beneficial minerals
• Does not release harmful minerals or chemicals
• Maintenance free
• No electricity needed
• No wasted water
• Chemical and salt free
• Eliminates existing scale
• Reduces soap and chemical consumption by 30-40%
• Reduces energy consumption

AirOx Pro


• Environmentally responsible way to treat water without chemicals
• Control valve designed for high flow



• Effective sediment and chemical reduction that automatically cleans itself
• Intuitive and durable control for easy programming



• Superior chemical reduction for the entire home
• One cubic foot of activated carbon filtration
• Plumbing connection that makes service easy

Kenai StreamLock



• Reduce Leak Risk: Receive instant alerts to your iOS or Android device if a small or large water leak is detected anywhere in your home
• Receive Customized Alerts: StreamLock knows to alert you when it detects "abnormal" use
• Enhance Smart Home: Integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
• Conserve Water: Get a detailed look at your water usage with our water monitoring system

Kenai GlacierPro


• Easy installation which includes integral bypass and meter
• Monitored flow to notify when cartridge needs replacement
• Third party tested for lead and PFAS removal
• Submicron filtration for removal of cysts
• EASY service and cartridge replacement

Point-of-Use Products

FreshStream RO

FreshStream RO

• Proprietary twist-off filter cartridges
• High capacity 50 GPD TFC RO membrane assembly for easy replacement
• Compact size takes less space than most 4 and 5-stage systems
• Auto shutoff valve
• Flow restrictor – modified capillary
• Long reach, non-airgap chrome faucet included

Kenai PureStream UV

PureStream UV

• Eliminates up to 99.99% of waterborne microorganisms by using ultraviolet light
• Environmentally friendly, no byproducts
• Chemical-free
• Low energy use
• Clean
• Residential & commercial use


 FreshPoint RO

FreshPoint RO

• Delicious water for cooking and drinking
• High flow – don't wait for water
• Click-in cartridge exchange and builtin water shutoff for easy, clean cartridge changes
• Dedicated faucet – only filter the water you consume
• Multiple options to fit your needs




• NSF certified to reduce emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals
• 50% greater dirt-holding capacity
• 30% larger filter membrane
• 10% more chlorine reduction
• Bottle water equivalent = 2,272
• Capacity - 1,355 Litres

Don't Forget the Accessories!

This full line of accessories willl help get you on your way. Don't forget to place your order for accessories after choosing your favorite Kenai products.